Society is doing food badly, making people fat, sick and lonely. 

These issues will be history when The Long Table’s vision is realised. This vision is that everyone will enjoy sharing healthy food that feeds us and the planet in all the best ways.




Show the world NOW, how and what we want to eat in the future.

The Long Table is a bakery, kitchen, dining space, and shop where everyone is invited to cook, learn, eat and grow. 

You can eat a good meal, learn invaluable skills, and people with barriers to employment can gain meaningful work.

At The Long Table, everyone is celebrated, it's a place where we can belong.

Our shared warehouse with Stroud District Food Bank is a constant reminder of how society is failing. Meanwhile, one third of all food grown and produced is never eaten! 

This is hard to swallow given how malnutrition prowls our country. The Long Table is a place where surplus food is eagerly saved and enjoyed. 




The world and our country is divided and that’s bad. 

A shared meal, the anticipated highlight of everyday throughout history, ought to be a human right. And yet as society has gotten more advanced it's become less civilised in this fundamental way. Sharing good food builds healthy people and healthy communities creating togetherness and caring that is good news for everyone and our planet. 

Check out our Journal for hopeful examples we are finding already and if you wish to join this adventure, adding your energy, skill, money, kindness, expertise, or your presence will undoubtably proliferate the benefits of a lively Long Table and quicken the progress our world is so hungry for. Perhaps start this adventure by joining us for a meal.