Sunday Lunch at The Long Table

On the menu

This was our first Sunday Lunch at The Long Table. For the first time we had lots of families coming with children. We had a full house with many people back for more.


Made by Jack and Tom using freshly milled grain, risen with Hobbs House Bakery 63 year old sourdough starter. The grain is a Heritage blend developed by archaeobotanist John Letts and grown at the Dutchy Home Farm in Tetbury. The grain is derived from medieval varieties found deep in thatched roofs and is prized for it’s flavour. The flatbreads were baked in a Chadwick Pizza oven made in Stroud. These breads are the same as the ones Dorothy and Roselyn have started baking in Nakuru Kenya with The Long Table micro-bakery we are helping the to start.


The carrots came to us from Cornwall, thank you Lizzie Macintosh. They were many glorious colours from almost white to dark purple. Heritage varieties were “gleaned” from a field where the harvesting had just happened. Carrots not meeting the required cosmetic standards were left waiting to be ploughed back into the ground. Not these ones. They might have been very wonky, but we scrubbed them and roasted them before blitzing them with toasted cumin seeds and a little local honey and rapeseed oil. Topped with black sesame and sumac. 


These are Organic and from our friends at Stream Farm in Devon. Please have a look at the brochure they have supplied. Their farm is a wonderful place to visit, the ethos that underpins the place is inspirational and the produce as I hope you’ll agree is second to none.


The vegan option. This mighty marrow came from Horsley Flour and Produce Show where it won 2nd prize in the largest marrow competition. A whopping 66cm long. We’ve stuffed it with British split fava beans from Hodmedods, capers and a fresh tomato sauce. 


Most of this was donated by local veg growers. Thank you. 


Surplus white overnight dough bread and sourdough bread from Hobbs House Bakery mixed together with defrosted organic milk left over from the Do Lectures infused with onion and bay. 


Made the proper way using an organic chicken stock. And lots of it. We hope you like it, please let us know if you need any more. 


Our new friend, author and food writer Dearbhla Reynolds of Cultured Club fame showed us a fresh way to enjoy a glut of plums, ferment them. They’ve been chopped with Ashmead Kernal apples from Tom’s garden and mixed together with Korean chilli paste, fresh ginger and garlic, then left to ferment. The culinary adventurous of us will be rewarded with a memorable flavour and a gift to our bio-dome. 


The apples are from trees around these Five Valleys and the quince’s are from Quince Tree Cottage. The crumble has been made with freshly milled organic rye grown locally too. 

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