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We love natural wine and feel it is a great fit with the spirit of the meals we are doing which have at there heart handmade sourdough flatbreads made with freshly milled grain. We hope you get to try the wine our friends at Wright’s have selected for us. Bread and wine done well is a very special thing indeed.


All of these wines [below is just a selection available at the time of publishing from The Long Table] are from small growers, who make wines that we find exciting, vibrant and delicious. In general they are at the very least organic, rely on natural yeasts for fermentation with minimal additions in the cellar, sometimes none. The list is subject to change, the wines are from small producers and sometimes are of limited availability.


Jacques Fevrier

Jacques Fevrier


Jacques Fevrier is a former sommelier who after falling in love with natural wines, decided it was time to make them himself. He chose Oudon, not the most fashionable of locations, but a place where the terroir was varied, there were quite a few varieties to work with and he could afford to actually buy some land. He’s a thoughtful, skilled winemaker making understated wines that reveal themselves to be packed with personality - a rising star of the Loire. All the wines go through Malo, which is unusual for Melon De Bourgogne wines and hence none of them are classified Muscadet even though he is in that appellation. 

ELSASS CONNEXION 2017 - £5 per 125ml Glass

Sauvignon from the estate of Les Maison Brulees in Touraine, direct press into old 400l barrels. 1g/hl sulfur at bottling. 


Laurent Fell

Laurent Fell


Laurent Fell has some of the highest vines in the Ardeche, on south facing slopes at 500m altitude on the edge of the wild and mountainous Cevennes forest. He’s on his own up this high, which is beneficial as there is no risk of pollutants from other vineyards and plenty of biodiversity. His wines are at once deep, juicy and refreshing, with a freshness from the cold winters at this altitude. All vinified in tank to preserve the freshness of the fruit, and bottled with zero additions, these are wines of immense drinkability and value. 

LO RAVI 2017 £5 per 125ml glass 

Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon with a short maceration and in a supremely gluggable style, this is a fresh wine brimming with fruit for everyday drinking. 


Ariane Lesne

Ariane Lesne


Ariane Lesné worked as a retailer, than a wine agent, then made the move into producing her own wines after falling in love with natural winemaking. She worked at an estate in Burgundy for 5 years, before taking over the reins at Emile Heredia's estate, Domaine Montrieux at the end of 2014. She lives there now with her Husband Martin, a potter who uses the ashes of Ariane's vines to make glazes for his pots. 

PETILLANT D’AUNIS 2015  £30 750ml bottle sorry NOT BY THE GLASS

Direct press of Pineau d’Aunis from young vines, a parcel farmed organically in the same village as Ariane’s own vineyard. 18 months of aging in bottle on lees, then disgorged. No sulfites added. 


Joseph Jefferies

Joseph Jefferies


Joe Jefferies is a guy from Warwickshire who went to the South of France to help his Dad do up a house. He met a girl, fell in love and never looked back. Joe worked as a cycle tour guide for a number of years, but after drinking the wines of, and becoming friends with Remi Poujol and Bernard Bellahsen of Domaine Fontedicto he started producing himself, taking over his stepdads vines and finding other north-facing vineyards in this area which is on the plateau of an old volcano, looking for freshness and minerality in his wines. All of the wines are produced with zero additions and speak of the basalt they come from, with crazy minerality and freshness. 

LA CABANNE DE JEANNE 2016 £6 per 125ml glass

30% Grenache Blanc, 30% Marsanne, 30% Terret Blanc & Gris. For this vintage, Joe macerated the Marsanne, for 9 days in whole bunches. Savoury, textured and long. 

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